Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Where I'm from"

Where I’m from
By Viviane Cabral Bengezen
Inspired by George Ella Lyon’s poem

I’m from the beach, the Municipal School of Ballet, Santo André, the MASP, the zoo, Paulista Avenue, the Mount Fuji, the Osaka castle, the Parthenon, Jerusalem, the Sabiá park, the railway when I came back from the beach, lakes, and trees, Ana Botafogo
from roses, sunflowers, the nape of my baby’s  neck  after a bath, powder, my husband’s skin
I’m from the birds, my baby crying, my son’s talking, the rain, Djavan, Alcione, Marisa Monte, Shakira, samba, forró, axé, Timbalada, mantras from Tibetan monks, Sting’s fields of gold, Pink Floyd, Whitesnake, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Vivaldi and Beethoven

I’m from my husband’s beard, my children’s skin, a baby blanket, the waves of the sea on my feet, the water when I wash my hair, the sand, the wind on my face
 from chocolate, Chantilly, strawberry, passion fruit, bananas
I’m from Flavio’s birth, Lara’s birth, the barbecue at Tangará, the day my sister, Patricia and I went to see Baryshnikov in São Paulo, we were so excited!

I’m from my family… What family? My mom, dad and sister, my two half-siblings, or my husband and children?
from traveling and our everyday life, our breakfasts on Saturdays, Talica’s house on Sundays
I’m from the indigenous culture, “Through other eyes”, UFU, Kingsmead eyes, Uberlândia views and voices,

I’m from organized, determined, with a big smile
from nervous, disappointed, worried
I’m from decisive, stubborn, decided
from hesitating, indefinite, undecided.

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